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Kamis, 03-01-13 21:36

Agnes :

Trmksh Harisha,orderan softlens ku dah smp,cepat bgt!! Dikirim kmen,eh bsk pagi dah smp :D Pak Ridwan [...]

Jumat, 08-10-10 22:22

Kusuma Halim :

tanggal 7/10 malam datang minta ganti lensa ke essilor polycarbonate ... karena pelayanan yg baik dan [...]

Kamis, 10-12-09 21:22

gea gustavina:

thx harisha optical,kirimannya udah nyampe kemarin sore...pelayanannya baik,n kirimannya cepet nyampe...sukses [...]


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              Rodenstock is Germany's leading manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses and spectacles frames. The company, which was founded in 1877, is based in Munich and has a worldwide workforce of approximately 4,600 and is represented in more than 80 countries with sales subsidiaries and distribution partners. Rodenstock maintains production sites for ophthalmic lenses at a total of 11 locations in 10 countries.The competence for both ophthalmic lenses as well as for frames makes Rodenstock into a unique brand in ophthalmic optics because it can offer spectacles wearers the complete ”spectacles” system from a single source. At the heart of all activities is optimisation of the optical reproduction properties, increasing the wearing comfort and providing a design that highlights the personality of the spectacles wearer. In other words, improving the vision and the look.

Rodenstock Product


Reliable vision requires ophthalmic lenses that are as individual as their wearers. Only Rodenstock Impression is custom made based on your individual parameters such as the interocular distance, the shape of your face, as well as the fit and shape of your frame. Now, Rodenstock is once again setting new standards with the innovative generation of progressive lenses called Impression FreeSign.Now, your personal vision needs are also fed into the progressive lens for more vision, more distance, more close-up vision, more to the left, and more to the right. More performance. Around the clock.

1. Impression FreeSign
For the first time, a progressive lens is matched to your personal vision needs and to your individual parameters.
2. Impression Mono
The first truly individual single-vision lens in the world - guaranteed to have clear vision right to the edge.
3. Impression 40/80
The best vision at your place of work, at home, and during recreation Put them on and feel great right away.
4. Impression Hyperop
Light, thin, and aesthetic - the progressive lens for farsighted spectacles wearers.
5. Impression Sport
High visual comfort in a sporty design - the progressive lens for active spectacles wearers.

Multigressive MyView

1. Out perform competitive progressive lenses
The newest Multigressiv lens from Rodenstock builds on the MultigressivILT by optimizing the lens characteristics based on individual measurements,not just standard parameters. The new design does not require additional measurements and optimizes your lenses using three fitting heights, 14MM, 16MM, 18MM, and your measured monocular PDs.
MyView® lenses are designed using many successful years of ILT experience and careful analysis of wave front patterns. Rodenstock takes your careful measurements and optimizes the design to reduce high order aberrations and to provide superior performance. The lenses now carry a design optimized for your specific wearer.
2. Featuring Rodenstock "Perfect Balancing"
MyView® design uses the Rodenstock “Perfect Balancing” concept that rejects the old “hard” and “soft” designs of conventional progressive lenses. Instead MyView® uses the best possible design for each prescription and then combines the design with the Rodenstock software and best manufacturing equipment. Since MyView® is optimized for an individual’s PD, they should experience very fast adaptation to their new eyewear. With the Perfect Balancing concept, they will have crisp, clear vision in the near and intermediate zones
3. Uses Freiformtechnologie©
The Multigressiv MyView® is made possible by Freiformtechnologie©, generating your prescriptions with a surfacing precision not possible with conventional equipment. Freiformtechnologie© was invented by Rodenstock and developed with leading equipment manufacturers.
4. Multigressiv MyView® Advantages

  • Crisp, clear vision in the near and intermediate zones from optimization of individual PDs - Quick adaptation
  • Three progressive zone lengths are optimized,in adds up to +3.5
  • Specifically tailored to the wearers’ natural eye movements
  • Large visual zones for natural vision
  • Immediate compatability with wearer habits
  • Ideal product for wearers who value quality and those who are wearing less performing products from competitors



1. Maximum comfort in any light situation
Our eyes work hard - day in, day out. They adapt continuously to changing light conditions such as twilight, shadows, dazzling artificial light or sunshine - all without us even noticing. There are also photochromic lenses which support our eyes in this work and so permit more relaxed, more comfortable vision. The most important categories in which modern photochromic lenses have to prove their value are speed, protection and colour. The new ColorMatic lens range by Rodenstock provides impressive and excellent performance in all three areas.
2. Speed record
The faster the tint reacts, the more pleasant for you. ColorMatic lenses darken and fade in a record time and so effectively support the physiology of the eye. This guarantees relaxed vision without worries even for sensitive spectacle wearers.
3. A large choice of colours
The right colour for you is sure to be there. A warm brown is calming, while simultaneously motivating, and amplifies contrasts in a pleasing way in the darkened state. A cool grey provides absolutely natural colour reproduction and is therefore more neutral and balancing. Green enhances the contrast a little and has a relaxing, soothing effect. All colour versions fade to become clear to the eyes indoors and provide the best glare protection in the sun.
4. Perfect protection
100% solar UV protection up to 400 nm is guaranteed at every tint stage. Incidentally: ColorMatic lenses are suitable for wear while driving and also for wearing at night.


Solitaire TopCoat

Thanks to Solitaire TopCoat , the top anti-reflection coating with the "multi-effect", cleaning spectacles now requires a rethink: Your lenses remain clean for longer and if they do become dirty, cleaning is simplicity itself. This lens coating leads the premier league with exciting product benefits: ideal roll-off effect with all liquids; minimal dirt adherence; high cleaning resistance and no static charge.
1. Easy to care for and with a long life
Cleaning spectacles has never been so easy: the unsurpassed smooth surface is the match for any dirt particles; the spectacles can be cleaned easily and fast.The Solitaire TopCoat anti-reflection coating is manufactured with a plasmaassisted process for which a patent is pending. This provides absolute durability and a long service life. Tests demonstrate: The effect is just as good even after 4,000 cleaning processes.
2. Attractive and free of reflections
Every polished lens surface reflects incident light; irritating reflections occur. These light reflections are almost completely eliminated by the extremely thin layers of the Solitaire TopCoat anti-reflection coating applied under a high vacuum. You profit from much higher contrast and clear vision free of reflections,e.g. when watching TV, at an IT workplace or in shopping centres. The anti-reflection coating in particular provides increased driving security when driving at night or on a surface wet from rain. A pleasing side effect: the eyes can be seen unchanged behind the lenses and so lose none of their appeal.