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Kamis, 03-01-13 21:36

Agnes :

Trmksh Harisha,orderan softlens ku dah smp,cepat bgt!! Dikirim kmen,eh bsk pagi dah smp :D Pak Ridwan [...]

Jumat, 08-10-10 22:22

Kusuma Halim :

tanggal 7/10 malam datang minta ganti lensa ke essilor polycarbonate ... karena pelayanan yg baik dan [...]

Kamis, 10-12-09 21:22

gea gustavina:

thx harisha optical,kirimannya udah nyampe kemarin sore...pelayanannya baik,n kirimannya cepet nyampe...sukses [...]


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          Essilor, world leader in its field, is active in all sectors of the ophthalmic optics market. Essilor is a truly international group, maintaining production facilities and distribution subsidiaries throughout the world, and generating more than 80% of its business outside France, its home-base country. The groups international scope covers all 5 continents in over 120 countries and includes 20,000 employees.
Essilor's dominating position is based on three assets : innovative, high-quality products, optimal worldwide structure that is highly reactive, teams designed to create synergies within their numerous specialties. Essilor sustains and reinforces its leadership over its international competitors through ongoing research in fields as varied as optics, physics, chemistry and mechanical engineering, as well as through significant industrial investments and activities tailored to fit each of its market. Essilor directory

Essilor Product

Transitions Lenses automatically adjust to changing light. Indoors, they’re as clear as regular lenses. But outdoors, they adjust to the amount of light present, becoming as dark as sunglasses. Transitions Lenses provide convenient protection from several types of glare, including the kind that can seriously diminish vision. In sunlight, midlight,or indoors, Transitions Lenses are the optimal choice for your everyday lenses.The lenses you choose today can determine how well you see in the years ahead. That’s why choosing the right everyday lenses is such an important decision. Transitions Lenses can play an essential role in promoting healthy vision.

In fact, the same Transitions Lenses benefits that let you see well now also protect your vision for tomorrow :

  • Convenient protection from harmful UV rays and glare.
  • Visual quality wherever you need it— indoors,outdoors, and in any light.
  • Visual comfort in any situation for reduced eye strain and eye fatigue.

Healthy sight in every light. More info about Transitions lenses click here


This new AR coating from Essilor offers unsurpassed clarity of vision by combining two exclusive technologies :

- Dust repellent properties thanks to i-technology™ adopted from astronomy and fiber optics.

- The very best hydrophobic performance with the new HSD process™ Crizal was voted the most Transparent lens on the market. It was perceived less dusty, cleaner and more transparent than the best HMC lenses available.

1. When to use

All wearers will benefit from Crizal as it:

  • Is easier to clean and keep clean with improved smudge resistance, plus Crizal lenses are virtually dust free.
  • Eliminates reflections - reduces ghost images and improves visual performance.
  • Improves cosmetics – Reduces reflections over they eyes.
  • Reduces the glare - improved night vision, and improved vision on computers and in office environments.


2. Features and Benefits
Glare, scratches, dust and fingerprints can reduce the benefits of an anti-reflective coating. Your vision can be compromised resulting in visual discomfort, while dirt and smudges can be easily seen on your lenses.

  • End Glare

Improved Comfort: New Crizal lenses offer comfortable vision anytime - day or night. Particularly when driving at night or working on the computer. It reduces the intensity of disturbing reflection.
More Aesthetically Appealing: Crizal lenses keep you looking great, eliminating reflections on your glasses.

  • Fight dust and fingerprints

Lenses are Cleaner and Clearer: Crizal lenses virtually eliminate fingerprints, dust particles and scratches making the lenses  clearer and much easier to clean.

  • Resists Stratches

Crizal scratch-resistant and easy-care lenses are ideal for wearer’s with an active lifestyle,children and rimless frame. More info about Crizal lenses click here

Airwear features :
ULTRA LIGHT:  Airwear® lenses are upt to 43% lighter than normal plastic lenses and therefore provide unique comfort by allowing your spectacles to rest easily and smoothly on your face.Wearing Airwear lenses is indeed close to wearing no lenses at all, you will forget that you are wearing them.
FULL PROTECTION: Enhanced impact resistance for additional safety.
Airwear lenses are up to 10 times stronger than ordinary plastic lenses. They flex but do not break under shocks that would easily shatter ordinary plastic lenses. Airwear lenses are indeed made from the same material used for space helmets and aircraft windshields. In fact, of all common lens materials, the Airwear material is the only one that does not break when struck with the level of force generated by accidents such as falling off a bicycle or getting struck with an inflating airbag.
Airwear lenses cut 100% UV for additional protection against harmful rays. Indeed Airwear lenses absorb 100% UVA and UVB radiation form sunlight, fluorescent light and other industrial sources. This combined with its impact resistance makes Airwear the safest lens of all.
Cosmetic : Airwear lenses are up to 30% thinner than standard plastic lenses and thanks to their unique design are up to 38% flatter than normal plastic lenses. The result is amore natural look and better aesthetics.
SO CLEAR SO CLEAN: Crizal® A2 eliminates the #1 wearer complaint: annoying cleaning problems. Lenses get less dirty Dirt and other contaminants wipe off effortless Scratching is reduced because lenses require less cleaning
Provide even clearer vision to wearers. More info about Airwear lenses click here

With the launch of Varilux S Series, a new generation of Varilux,Essilor is extending a brand that is already a household name.Varilux lenses meet the needs of every presbyopic customer, no matter what their lifestyle and visual requirements.Varilux is available in many material such as Airwear, Transitions, and index (1.50, 160, 1.67 )

1. VARILUX S Series

Varilux S Series™ provides Limitless Vision™ whatever the situation.

This new range is composed of 3 exceptional products:

Varilux S Design™
Backed by two ground-breaking technologies – Nanoptix™ Technology and SynchronEyes™ Technology – Varilux S Design lenses are at the core the Varilux S Series. Varilux S Design lenses are available in regular and short versions.

Varilux S Fit™
Varilux S Fit lenses are the first step towards personalization within the Varilux S Series. Besides offering the advantages of Nanoptix and SynchronEyes Technologies, Varilux S Fit lenses also include position of wear measurements – Pantoscopic tilt, Wrap angle and Vertex distance.

Varilux S 4D™
Backed by Nanoptix, SynchronEyes and the ground-breaking 4D Technology, Varilux S 4D lenses are a revolution in lens personalization. Varilux S 4D lenses are exclusive to Visioffice® doctors. In addition to position of wear, natural head posture and eye rotation center, Varilux S 4D lenses also include the leading, dominant eye measurement that allows patients to experience faster visual reaction time.

2. Varilux Physio

High Resolution Vision A premium lens which respects specific eye requirements in every gaze direction and innovates in the 3 zones of the lens: distance intermediate and near.


The Reference INSTANT, SHARP VISION Varilux Comfort sets the benchmark for varifocals – extremely COMFORTABLE TO WEAR it offers INSTANT SHARP VISION at any distance.

More info about Varilux lenses click here

Nikon SeeMax is a completely customized double aspheric lens offering the most superior visual performance and appearance possible. To permit visual quality upgrading in all areas of vision, Nikon’s Aberration Filter Surface is applied to counter any significant aberrations and distortion that come with a wearer’s prescription.

Precision technology honed and fine-tuned for generations in the production of cameras and high-precision measuring instrumentation lenses has made Nikon the unrivalled master craftsman when it comes to the art of making optical surfaces. In addition, Nikon’s new and advanced Seemax Bi-Aspheric single vision lenses integrate front-and-back surface Aspheric geometry that results in lenses with unparalleled distortion elimination, consistent prescription and ultra-flat curvatures across the entire lens. This cutting-edge technology ensures that wearers not only have sharper, clearer and more natural size images, but also uniquely thin, light and flattering lenses to wear.

Nikon offers a wide range of lens types to suit your prescription. When selecting your lenses with your eye care professional, inquire about the added advantages that Nikon’s spherical (standard), aspheric or Bi-Aspheric design lenses provide. Nikon single vision lenses are available in several materials and indexes; the higher the index, the thinner the lens. 

More info about Nikon lenses click here

Essilor Anti - Fatigue Lenses

Essilor Anti-Fatigue is a new generation of advanced prescription lenses that give relief to hard-working eyes in addition to correcting their vision.
What is Visual Fatigue?
Visual fatigue is a problem that busy people are acutely aware of.It affects more than 60%* of individuals, whether their eyesight is corrected or not.This is a phenomenon caused by many factors related to our lifestyle and activities, which increasingly require the prolonged use of intermediate/near vision. Visual fatigue is a frequent occurrence that many patients experience every day.
The patented Essilor Anti-Fatigue design supports the wearer’s accommodation efforts and thus relieves visual fatigue, thanks to:

  • A slight built-in variation in power (+0.60 D) to support the wearers accommodation for close range tasks throughout the day

  • Optimal aspherisation for instant adaptation

  • The lens provides much greater comfort than a standard single vision correction, as the wearers’ natural accommodation pattern is retained

  • What’s more, Essilor Anti-Fatigue lenses are available with a Crizal A2 coating for greater transparency and better contrast

 More info about Essilor Anti-Fatigue Lenses click here

Experience the most precise and comfortable vision with Essilor®Azio 360º™. Custom designed lens for Asians according to Eye/Face Anatomy and even Ergonomics. Essilor AZIO is fully tested on Asians in Asia.
As technology evolves, lenses are made with greater precision to improve its clarity. However, the performance of these lenses still required the spectacles to be worn at its required parameters to obtain the optimal performance of the lenses.
Essilor AZIO is made with precision based on the Asian’s anatomical difference and their wearing conditions. With this new precision cutting, Essilor AZIO provides the needs of the Asians with better comfort and greater clarity of vision.

More info about Azio, Click here.

Introducing Optifog™
a new breakthrough technology with superior anti-fog properties.

In daily activities at home, work and play, fogged lenses can be a real bother for eyeglass wearers.
Optifog is a new breakthrough technology with superior anti-fog properties. It has an advanced anti-fog top coat that, when combined with the Optifog Activator, provides long lasting fog free vision. The top coat and the Activator work together like VELCRO. Each of their unique properties combine to create a revolutionary anti-fog solution.

Lenses with Optifog provide the best and most durable protection against fog on eyeglass lenses

More info about Optifog lens, Click here.