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Our names are Cliff & Gaye from Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand. Before visiting Bali we had heard [...]

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            Hoya established itself as Japan's first manufacturer of optical glass in 1941. Since then we have diversified into several business areas including Electronics, Optics, Photonics, Crystal and Vision Care. We now have establishments all over Europe, America, Asia and Australia. Our global enterprise maintains its standard of excellence by providing our valued customers with high quality lenses.Hoya supplies a range of high quality products, including both plastic and glass lenses as well as Hoya's minimalist rimless frames, Pinfeel and Airlist. We manufacture a wide range of lenses in single vision, bifocal and progressive designs, all of which are available in different materials and with different finishes,catering for a wide variety of budgets and lifestyles as well as cosmetic and comfort requirements.


Hoya Product

Hoya Lux ID

Since the introduction of the progressive lens, the principle has remained the same: Position all the progressive performance either on the front or back surface. This means concessions have to be made to the visual performance and experience in daily practice. Presbyopes still have to accept a certain level of instability and, consequently, an insecure feeling. This problem can persist even after years of wearing progressive lenses. With its new Hoyalux iD design, Hoya has introduced a completely new category: Integrated Double Surface Progressive Lens. It represents a revolutionary step forward in the search for optical perfection. Integrated Design ensures that a progressive performance in terms of function and comfort is evenly distributed across the front and back surfaces. By keeping normal distortion on the front surface, vertical eye and head movements are kept to a minimum. Concentrating skew distortion on the back surface suits the eye better and results in extra wide scope across the entire far,intermediate and near vision area. As skew distortion is more uncomfortable for the wearer than normal distortion, it is crucial to normalise swaying and vision deformation effects. Integrating the new ‘Balanced View Control’ virtual evaluation technique, using computer simulation to analyse distortion due to looking through lenses at an angle, and integrating the ‘Skew Deformation Index Calculation’ technique all contribute to assurance and steadiness while wearing Hoyalux iD progressive designs Hoyalux iD: the world’s first Integrated Double Surface Progressive Lens with ‘Balanced View Control’:

  • Balanced and more comfortable peripheral distortion
  • Ergonomic dispersal of deformation over the entire surface
  • Wide intermediate corridor
  • More unlimited distortion-free areas
  • Perfect interaction between far and near vision

More info about Hoyalux ID lenses click here


HOYA has developed a new,innovative colour change plastic lens. Suntech is a light, thin and fast reacting colour change lens which brings visual comfort in all light conditions.With a convenient 100% protection from the harmful effects of UV rays, Suntech is an advancement in colour change technology which results in a durable and reliable colour change lens.Suntech is the ideal option for people who value convenience, functionality and freedom of movement with no limitations.
Suntech, a lens that is truly without compromise in all light conditions. Hoya’s Suntech is an intelligent and flexible lens because of the way it adjusts itself to varying light conditions. Suntech lenses automatically adjust to changing light conditions both indoors and outside. Inside, Suntech lenses are transparent with the same optical quality as any other Hoya clear lens, and getting as dark a tint as the level of sunlight requires outdoors. The colours lighten and darken with fast activation, and at every stage the material retains its attractive grey colour. The new innovative Suntech lens is the perfect compromise between optical lenses and sunglasses in all light conditions

Coating Technology

As a world leader in spectacle lens coating technology, Hoya has a range of three fantastic coatings to suit your prescription requirements – your practitioner will help you with the best coating to suit you! Hoya coatings are applied to both the front and back surfaces to enhance your vision and maximise the durability of your lenses :

1. Super Hi-Vision Final Touch (SFT) available on a selective range of lenses Hoya has revolutionised the multicoating market with the introduction of Super Hi-Vision Final Touch (SFT) multicoat.

  • Almost as scratch resistant as glass.
  • Smooth and soft as silk surface. The lens becomes clean with just a simple wipe of a cloth.
  • Water and grease resistant,fingerprints are easy to remove.
  • Lenses stay cleaner longer.

2. VP Multicoat
Hoya’s VP Multicoat offers the latest in Anti-Reflection technology with features only available from Hoya.

  • Easy to clean with increased hydrophobic properties which repel water and dust. Fingerprints, dirt and smudges easily wipe away.

  • Stay clean longer and becomes clean with the wipe of a cloth.
  • Enhances visual clarity and cosmetic appearance.

3. Hi-Vision Multicoat
Hoya’s unique Hi-Vision 99 Multicoat formula is in a world class of its own.

  • 99% light transmission
  • Improves night vision
  • Greater heat resistance
  • Crystal clear vision

Advanced Material

As a world leader in spectacle lens material technology, Hoya has a range of five fantastic spectacle lens materials to suit your prescription requirements. Your practitioner will help you choose the best material for your lifestyle needs. Which spectacle lens material will suit you? Hoya’s modern spectacle lenses are lighter, thinner, and more scratch resistant than ever before. Being lighter and more durable than glass, Hoya’s spectacle lenses are the most advanced spectacle lenses in the world. Check out some of the materials that are available from Hoya.
1. EYRY lenses
Eyry is the ultimate spectacle lens material that provides people with higher prescriptions uncompromised visual clarity. It is the thinnest, lightest lens to match any fashionable frame. Eyry lenses are anti-reflective and provide 100% UV protection.
2. EYNOA lenses
Eynoa lenses are thin, light and suitable for all frames available to you. Eynoa spectacle lens material is standard with anti-reflective coating and also comes with 100% UV protection. Eynoa has been redeveloped by Hoya to provide you with the best visual comfort.
3. EYAS lenses
Hoya’s Eyas material is scientifically formulated for you and provides sharp, crystal clear vision through the world’s most advanced plastic lens. These lenses are strong, thinner, lighter and anti-reflective with 100% UV protection. Eyas lenses are ideal for all rimless frames.
4. PHOENIX lenses
This new lens material from Hoya is impact-resistant, lightweight with 100% protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, guaranteeing you crisp and clear vision at all times. Phoenix is an excellent material for children vision and prescription sporting requirements.
5. STELLIFY lenses
With increasingly high demands in terms of quality, comfort and durability, Hoya
developed an affordable and excellent quality lens material that is lighter,thinner, flatter and stronger than standard plastic lenses. Stellify comes standard with anti-reflection coating which makes lenses easy to clean, smudge free and enhances visual clarity as well as cosmetic appearance.

More info about Hoya Lenses click here